What I Learned From Design School… Other Than How to be a Designer.

by Racheal Cowley ∴ Amateur Writer

Think of me as goldilocks, it has taken me three tries at this whole higher education thing to get something that fit just right. It started with business school, then a swing in the opposite direction with art school and landing in the perfectly tepid embrace of graphic design.

My experiences with each institution have been wildly different. I hated business school and felt like a speck in the massive auditorium size classes. Art school was completely different. The classes were smaller, we were urged to share a lot of ourselves in our work– maybe a bit too much. It was art school that led me to graphic design though, I saw graphic design as a creative outlet that didn’t cross the boundaries. I wasn’t creating work that reflected me, I was creating work that reflected the world around me. I didn’t learn a whole lot from my short stint in business school, art school was an amazing place to grow as a creative, but YSDN has helped me develop skills beyond design. These are some of the revelations I have had since I started my bachelors of design:

It has been quite a journey from the nervous first days in the design labs to planning our online graduation show. I have learned a lot, grown a lot, and I am excited to keep growing as a person and as a designer after graduation. It may have taken me three tries to get it right, but I am so glad I kept trying. Third time IS the charm, at least it was for me.

Rachel Cowley is one of the graduates of the York/Sheridan Program in Design class of 2021. Catch Rachel’s work showcased at the online graduate showcase on April 20–21. Visit ysdn2021.com for more details.

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