by: Felicite Keng ∴ Empath

Hustle culture is toxic. It has become more prevalent in our generation that we have to be working 24/7 in order to be successful. Prioritizing your career’s success over family, friends and social life can sound impressive to others. But what does that leave you?

by: Alan Frenkel-Andrade ∴ Vector Architect

As a designer who frequently works with images, I am often on the search for good quality pictures to use in my work. However, I found that finding free stock images or taking my own photographs was often limiting and didn’t amount to many…

by: Emily Malcolm ∴ Idea Generator

“So, what do you do?”. A question most of us tend to dread, not because we don’t want to answer the question, but because we know that there will be multiple follow up questions usually unrelated to our actual profession or questions which come…

by: Elise Wang ∴ Divergently Creative

YSDN 2017–2021 ∴ an aesthetic rollercoaster ride

Coming out of a specialized arts high school after a decade of fine arts, I craved new ways to apply my creative skills. This led to an intensive year of interior design at Sheridan College, before starting…

by: Jenny Tiêu Storyteller

Sometimes as designers, we create problems, but we also solve them. As creative and innovative thinkers, we listen to our curiosity while observing the issues that arise around us. Without listening and perceiving, how can designers solve problems?

The answer is that we cannot, at…

YSDN 2021 GradEx: There∴fore

The 2021 graduates from the York/Sheridan Program in Design share their thoughts on design, graduation, and building an online showcase.

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